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Miley sings to giant inflatable dog


Miley Cyrus has paid tribute to her beloved dog on stage

Miley Cyrus has paid tribute to her beloved dog on stage

Miley Cyrus has paid tribute to her beloved dog on stage

Miley Cyrus has been battling through her grief over her dog's recent death by singing to a giant inflatable replica of him on stage during her tour.

The Wrecking Ball singer is currently on her Bangerz world tour and has had the blow-up dog made to commemorate two-year-old Alaskan klee kai Floyd, who was killed in a coyote attack, according to The Sun.

It apparently took just 36 hours to make and cost an estimated £250,000, and joined her on stage for the first time at her New York show where she sang Can't Be Tamed and then wept at its feet.

The night before, Miley tweeted: "I wanna sleep but all I can do is cry I never wanna go home to a house where Floyd isnt running & playing how do I get thru this."

Miley, who has other dogs including one called Mary Jane, was bought a new puppy called Moonie by her mum Tish to try to cheer her up.

She added: "I feel physically sick & I am so emotionally and physically exhausted I feel like I have nothing else to give sweet baby Moonie.

"Maybe I'm not ready yet... But being alone won't bring him back to me... I'm at a loss I don't know what to do.

"I. Want. My. Friend. Back."

A sleepless Miley continued: "Im trying 2 tweet about it rather than screaming and waking up the entire hotel! I wanna f***ing screaaam. Im so f***ing angry at the world.

"I wanna go home. But I don't wanna go home to a home with no Floyd. 5 am. Can't sleep. Playing Barclays tomorrow. Guide me rainbow Floyd.

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"So torn. I love having little Moonie cuddle w me and Mary Jane but just don't know if I'm ready to love again."

Later she tweeted: "Just don't know if it's to soon. I still have so much love to give my Floydy.

"But I just gotta take it one day at a time and take in all the love little Moonie is giving me.

"Mary Jane misses Floyd too."

Miley added: "Excruciating pain."

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