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Thursday 12 December 2019

Midge Ure shuns 'conveyor belt'

Midge Ure has a new album called Fragile
Midge Ure has a new album called Fragile

Midge Ure has criticised today's music scene calling it a "sea of mediocrity".

The star is releasing his first solo album in 12 years, entitled Fragile.

He said that he first began working on the record 12 years ago but "went through a lot of ups and downs in the process: a lot of self-doubt, analysing the state of the industry - was there any point in making an album when we're swimming in a sea of mediocrity?

"Will anyone even listen to it? All of those things, which I think is fairly bog-standard in any artist. So I just wasn't motivated to finish the thing."

Midge said he wanted his record to be "the antithesis of what's going on today".

He said: "It's a little obscene at the moment. It probably started with Michael Jackson and the like, where they take over complete studio complexes and have an entire team of writers, producers and engineers operating in different studios and whoever comes up with something interesting that's the one they follow - so it's a bit like throwing s**t at the wall and hoping something sticks.

"It's like the Ford factory when it started, it's a conveyor belt. Old-school albums were one band's thoughts or one person's thoughts, and that's what I wanted to get back to."

But he said that there were still names in music, such as London Grammar, that he loved.

"I've fallen in love with them right now. They're young kids who are just doing interesting stuff and not chasing the three-minute hit single - we need more of that," he said.

:: Fragile is released on July 7 on Hypertension Music. Visit www.midgeure.co.uk for details.

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