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Meet Tash Sultana, the self-taught Aussie musician who just blew the roof off Vicar St



Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street

Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street

Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street

This self-taught Australian musician started off as a busker on the streets of Melbourne and is now selling out shows across the world.

Tash Sultana is the newest name on the music scene and for the first time on Thursday, she entranced her Irish fans at her sold-out show in Vicar Street as part of her world tour.

Sultana's interest in music started at the tender age of three but it wasn’t until she started busking in Melbourne at 15 that people started taking notice.

“I didn’t go out there with the intention of making a heap of money,” the 22 year told Independent.ie, “I just wanted to go out there and play music”.

The singer, songwriter, beat boxer, loopologist and guitarist can play up to ten instruments and she commands her audience with her unique vocals and songs that defy any specific genre.


Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street

Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street

Tash Sultana on stage at Vicar Street


Her music is distinctive and has elements of soft ambient rock, electronic indie and smooth jazz. Almost every note in her songs bounces and reverberates across a room.

Her influences range from classical to R'n'B and “Erykah Badu, Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley”.

Her unique style was recognised when a homemade video of her performing the trademark song “Jungle” went viral with over 1.7 million views on youtube.

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“If I didn’t make it I would have never stopped playing music,” she said.   “It’s just things are going the way they were supposed to go."

When asked about how she’s dealing with her newfound fame, she said: “I find it weird when people start freaking out that I’m there."

Her down to earth persona means she finds it difficult to relate to the millions worldwide who are fascinated by her.

“I’m actually a massive dork, people just don’t know that…...I’m not the type of person that meets someone and just freaks out, they’re just normal people” she said.

She described her non-stop travelling during her world tour as “pretty hectic” and she reveals, “I’ve been having anxiety attacks..."However, she said she’s overcoming these by “writing a poem a day”.

“I have a little pocket journal. I just put the pen on the paper and just go... I also do a lot of meditation”.

Her world tour comes to an end in November and she told Independent.ie that the first thing she plans on doing when she returns home is to adopt a dog from a shelter.

"I'm going to adopt the saddest dogs" she said.

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