Thursday 21 November 2019

Man sues over Miley's tongue slide

Miley Cyrus is known for sticking her tongue out
Miley Cyrus is known for sticking her tongue out

Miley Cyrus' giant tongue has apparently got her into trouble.

The controversial singer has been wowing the crowds by whizzing down a huge tongue slide on her Bangerz tour, in a light-hearted reference to the fact that she takes every opportunity to stick hers out.

But now TMZ has reported that the people who made the prop are being sued by a man who said he was injured building it.

The gossip site said Charles Nicholas Sarris is taking action against LA equipment supply firm ShowFx Inc, claiming that the equipment and tools provided failed, causing him to fall and hurt himself while he was helping to construct the slide.

Sarris said the company failed to warn him about the potential dangers involved.

Miley, 21, has been keeping her fans entertained by arriving on stage via the tongue slide, which juts out of a huge picture of her face.

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