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Sunday 26 May 2019

Lynott son's joy as Phil's family recognise him

Macdaragh Lambe, whose father was rock legend Phil Lynott, pictured in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, last night
Macdaragh Lambe, whose father was rock legend Phil Lynott, pictured in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, last night

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Reporter

THE son of Phil Lynott has spoken of his happiness after finally being acknowledged by the family of the singer.

Galway-based sculptor Macdaragh Lambe made newspaper headlines in 2003 when he was revealed as Lynott's only son.

However, until yesterday his existence had never been publicly acknowledged by Phil Lynott's mother Philomena.

But in an interview with a Sunday newspaper yesterday, Mrs Lynott broke her seven-year silence.

"I can answer you straightforward. Yes, he is Philip's son. Oh yeah, without a doubt. He has the same thumbs, like Philip used to slam the bass guitar, and eyes," she said.

Her comments are of huge significance to Mr Lambe, who earlier this year became a father.

Speaking to the Irish Independent last night, he said: "This is the first public acknowledgement the Lynott family have given me. I'm delighted, but more so for my son. It's going to be a lot easier for him now to say who he is."


It was the artist's birth mother who contacted him with the news of Mrs Lynott's comments.

Mr Lambe was born in Dublin in 1968 as a result of a relationship between his mother and Lynott, then a struggling musician.

"I have a super relationship with my birth mother now, but at the time I was born, her father was a colonel in the Army and having a child out of wedlock wasn't possible," he said.

Given up for adoption, he was brought up by loving parents Oliver and Martina Lambe in Co Kildare.

"All my life growing up, people told me I looked like Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy, so you can imagine what I thought when, after my parents died when I was 35, I tracked down the adoption papers and saw my father's name on the page was 'Philip' and his occupation was 'musician'. I thought how many black musicians could there have been working in Dublin in 1968 named Philip? That's when I said to myself, 'My dad is Phil Lynott'."

This was confirmed when Mr Lambe met his birth mother, who told him that Lynott was his father.

Mrs Lynott's other revelations yesterday, that Phil Lynott had a half-brother and a half-sister, who she gave up for adoption, were already known by Mr Lambe.

The 41-year-old said he met Lynott's half-brother at the funeral of Philomena's partner, Denis Keely, last January. "For both of us it was a really strange day. I went to funeral and at the reception, Philomena introduced us. It was very brief. We both just laughed and said, 'well how are you doing?'," he said.

Last April, Mr Lambe and his partner were overjoyed at the birth of their baby son Rory. However, he spoke of his sadness that Lynott, who died in 1986 aged 36, was not around to see his grandson.

"My son was born with a head of black hair. I would love Phil to have been there, for him and for me. That said, it was the most amazing feeling. I suppose as an adopted child, you want to hold your child a bit more," he said.

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