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Luán Parle: 'I stepped out of the spotlight for a while... I needed to be reminded why I love this'

Luán Parle speaks exclusively to Barry Egan in advance of her comeback single release for the song 'Day is Done'. Watch the video above for the interview and below for an exclusive performance of the single.

Speaking about the meaning behind the lyrics of her latest single 'Day is Done', Luán said, "The woman singing this... she sounds cold, dare I say it... a biatch!"

"It sings really well.. but probably sounds horrible!" Luán laughed, adding "I would hope (I would not be) described as, as you say, a biatch!"

Luán touched on growing up in the music industry and feeling fatigued by the game.

'It was only ever about the music... I stepped back from the spotlight for a while.

"I don't think my heart was in it. I said I wouldn't come back until I was 100% happy with the songs, and that's what I did.



"I needed to be reminded why I love this - and I do (love it)".

Luán opened up to Barry Egan about her father's stroke and how that has affected her family.

"The big thing for him is - he's a musician, and he can't play his guitar.

"He took a few steps recently - that was amazing... Doctors said that would never happen".

Luán released her debut album 'First Impressions' at the age of 12 having been 'discovered' on the Late Late Toy Show.

She was signed to Sony Music Ireland in 2002 and spent 12 weeks in the Irish charts with her second single 'Ghost', which was re-recorded into Irish for a charity compilation album which reached no. 1 in the Irish charts.

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In 2007 she won 'Best Irish Female' at the Meteor awards and has toured with James Blunt in the UK and Ireland.

In 2013, Luán and producer Gavin Ralston were involved in RTE's 'Big Music Week', which saw them travel the country holding song-writing workshops in secondary schools.

One such song, titled 'My Hero' and written by Presentation Secondary School in Cork was released and reached no 7 in the Official Irish Charts.

Luan's 'Mercy Cry' video for victims of the Gaza conflict will premiere tomorrow at the Amnesty International event at the Bridgewater Center in Arklow.


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