Monday 24 June 2019

Little Mix have the genes of catchy pop

john meagher

Little Mix




Tulisa has failed to deliver a good debut album (see left), so what chance does the group she mentored to win last year's X Factor stand of producing something worthwhile?

DNA is not short of big-name helpers, including regular Rihanna tunesmith Ester Dean, and the album bounces along with the sort of uber-catchy élan that papers over the songs' myriad cracks.

As a disposable pop collection, there's little to quibble with. But for those who like their pop to surprise and challenge them, the album comes up wanting at almost every turn.

Madhouse sounds like a watered down attempt at Florence + the Machine bombast, while Red Planet featuring T-Boz is little more than high-end studio trickery in search of a decent song.

The all-female quartet – while decent singers – fail to stand out from a very crowded market, which now includes the recently reformed Girls Aloud.

A decade ago, that very outfit showed that reality TV can – shock, horror – produce the goods. But there's no killer song, no Sound of the Underground to be found in DNA, just a batch of tunes that most will have forgotten about in a few months.

Still, if I had to chose this album or Tulisa's to spend an afternoon with, it's DNA that will win every time.

And thankfully, there's no room here for the group's ghastly version of Damien Rice's Cannonball.

KEY TRACKS Change Your Life; How Ya Doin'?

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