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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Lisa Stansfield says she was target of sexual advances as 15-year-old performer

The singer fought back against the unwanted advances.

Lisa Stansfield was targeted as a teenager (Ian West/PA)
Lisa Stansfield was targeted as a teenager (Ian West/PA)

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Lisa Stansfield has said she was the victim of sexual advances while starting out in her career at just 15 years old.

The singer claimed she was groped at a modelling school while starting out in the entertainment industry as a teenager.

Stansfield, now 52, recalls fighting back against the unwanted advances, and warned that the entertainment industry has “always been the same”.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: “Someone did try it on with me and they did get a big whack across the head.

“Just squeezing my bum, and I just wasn’t having any of it.

“And I think that’s what young girls should know. I was about 16, 15 I was. That guy has got his comeuppance.

“I first started out on TV.  I did variety shows and I was terrible. So, I went to this modelling school for my deportment, that’s where this guy was.

“He’s never going to do that again as he did it to other people much more serious than me, I was lucky.”

Stansfield, happily married to her husband of 20 years, has said that the industry she works in has snares for young, aspiring talents.

She said: “It’s always been the same from a long time ago, it’s people with promises and people dangling carrots and when you’re young and impressionable, and ambitious, you want to believe them.

“I was always lucky because there was always part of me that didn’t believe these people.”

Lisa is set to support Gladys Knight at Proms in the Park this weekend.

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