Thursday 5 December 2019

Lil Wayne is issued with warrant

Lil Wayne couldn't attend a court hearing because he is in jail
Lil Wayne couldn't attend a court hearing because he is in jail

Lil Wayne has been issued with a warrant for failing to attend a hearing on drug and weapons charges - because he is in jail.

The rapper's lawyer told a judge his client couldn't appear at Yuma County Superior Court in Arizona because he is already serving a one-year jail sentence for having a loaded gun on his tour bus.

The 27-year-old - who was arrested in January 2008 at a border checkpoint 78 miles east of Yuma after authorities say they found cocaine, Ecstasy and a handgun on his tour bus - denies charges of possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wayne's lawyer said he has filed motions to have his March 30 trial date vacated, and asked the court that his client be allowed to appear in Yuma when he finishes his New York jail sentence. He also has asked that his bond remain the same.

"It does not appear that a trial will be occurring anytime within the next eight to 12 months," the lawyer said.

But Yuma County prosecutor Deann Sandry said it was the state's position that Lil Wayne is now a convicted felon and that a bench warrant should be issued and his bond be increased to 150,000 dollars.

The rapper began serving his sentence on March 8 at the Rikers Island jail complex.

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