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Leslie Ann Horgan: Forget Ryan Tubridy and Daniel O'Donnell - these are the unlikely duets we really want

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Ryan Tubridy dances with a fan outside the Gaiety
Ryan Tubridy dances with a fan outside the Gaiety
Leslie Ann Horgan

Leslie Ann Horgan

It's arrived: the musical collaboration that no one has been waiting for. No, I'm not talking about the new single from Taylor Swift and that dude from Panic At The Disco - although there can't have been much demand for that particular pairing either - but rather something that promises to have about 150pc less sex appeal: Daniel O'Donnell dueting with Ryan Tubridy.

In what sounds like the world's most ill-conceived boyband, the duo are set to perform together on tonight's Late Late Show country music special. Tubridy revealed that the song of choice for the duet was 'King Of The Road', which he described as a "dad song" that could be half sung and half talked. So just like his performance in recent Late Late Toy Show openers then.

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While it remains to be seen how successful, not to mention musical, the match-up of Donegal and D4 will be, I can't help but think RTE is on to something here. Not only could Tubs and Daniel be contenders to represent Ireland in next year's Eurovision, there could also be a whole series in unlikely pairings of Irish stars and musical acts in a Glee-meets-Glenroe kind of way. Let's look at some suggested casting for the first series…

Colin Farrell and Garth Brooks

Keeping with the country theme, episode one sees Colin, a former line-dancing teacher (in fact, MY former line-dancing teacher) return to his western roots. Given his star shines just that bit brighter than that of, say, Nathan Carter, the national broadcaster forks out to have Farrell team up with country legend Garth. For obvious reasons, this episode will not be filmed in Ireland.

Duet: 'Friends In Low Places'


Mairead Ronan and Beyoncé

She's previously labelled herself as the worst singer in the world, but episode two sees the nation's sweetheart Mairead in a girl power pairing with Queen Bey. Her vocals might need work, but thanks to that Dancing With The Stars win, Mairead already has the moves for a special half-time performance at the All-Ireland Final.

Duet: 'Run The World'


Amy Huberman and Victoria Beckham

Our ratings-grabbing third episode sees Ireland's favourite style maven meeting the former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer. The pair bond over taste in clothes and sporty husbands, and Amy even manages to get a smile out of VB with one of her trademark witty Instagram posts.

Duet: Due to restrictions set out by Victoria, no actual singing takes place in this episode


Mrs Brown and Lady Gaga

It was recently revealed that Gaga had asked then 86-year-old actress June Brown to come clubbing with her after they met on The Graham Norton Show, so this episode four pairing of foul-mouthed OAP and loud-mouthed VIP is a perfect fit. Will Brendan O'Carroll be able to up his drag game to Gaga's standards? Will Gaga be able to understand a word O'Carroll says?

Duet: 'Born This Way'


Marty Whelan and Kendrick Lamar

Not to be outdone by Marty Morrissey's odd couple teaming up with Bernard O'Shea, episode five sees Marty Whelan join forces with the Grammy Award-winning rapper from Compton. Surprisingly, Marty's preferred mix of classical music and show tunes - familiar to listeners of his Lyric FM show - provide the perfect sample for a collaboration. All 'MC Winning Streak' has to do is learn to spit the lyrics on top.

Duet: 'HUMBLE'


Leo Varadkar and Kylie

In a move that conveniently has the dual effect of upping his international cred while making his gushing fan letter look like it had an official purpose after all, an Taoiseach will take part in the series finale to promote the Government's new 'a song a day' policy to boost the national well-being. What could the man who wore patterned socks to his meeting with Justin Trudeau don to impress his favourite singer? The mind boggles...

Duet: 'Spinning Around'

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