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Kodaline have high hopes for music in new year


Kodaline are eager to be back gigging next year after having to postpone more than 100

Kodaline are eager to be back gigging next year after having to postpone more than 100

Kodaline are eager to be back gigging next year after having to postpone more than 100

Kodaline have high hopes of touring again in early 2021 after the music industry was decimated by the Covid crisis.

Temperature checks at gigs, air conditioning units that destroy coronavirus inside venues, and the roll-out of the vaccine were all cited by the band members as way to help events returned next year.

Drummer Vinny May said they lost count of the number of live gigs they had to cancel during 2020 as the pandemic swept the globe.

“We had a seven-week European tour we had to cancel, an American tour and an Asian tour for next year which is also cancelled.

"We had well over 100 shows that we’ve had to postpone or reschedule, so it’s had a massive impact on us.

“Live musicians make the majority of our income and money to survive from playing shows so to have the rug completely pulled from under you, it was pretty scary at the start.”

He and wife Carina had their first baby, Vincent, last September and he was able to spend far more time with him as a result of not being on the road all the time.

However, May admits he found it very difficult to deal with suddenly having his touring income taken away .

“I suppose it’s a good thing that there’s the four of us and we’re each other’s support system because I know I had a few wobbles at the start of it where I was freaking out at the fact that we weren’t on the road,” he said.

“Having the rest of the lads to talk to about it means a problem shared is a problem halved," May said. “It’s hit the whole industry globally, it’s the only thing that has universally hit everybody.

"No matter who you are, you’ve been hit by this. It’s a tough one.”

Band frontman Steve Garrigan said they had “booked a lot of shows” for 2021 with the hopes of them going ahead.

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“I think the promoters around the world are kind of running blind.

"They’re just going, ‘Let’s just put the concerts out there, put them on and just hope for the best.’

"So that’s kind of the attitude we have as well,” he said.

The Dublin band, who released their fourth studio album last month, have also been booked in as the headline act for Sea Sessions in Donegal, which takes place from June 18, 2021.

Vinnie added that when normality did resume, going to live gigs again would be an emotional experience for many: “To go from spending an entire year alone in your house to going to a field full of people, it’s going to be incredible when it all comes back, fingers crossed.”

Kodaline will feature on RTÉ One tonight on Soundtrack To My Life (9.45pm).

Fronted by Nicky Byrne, it sees them performing some of their greatest hits accompanied by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

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