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Katona and Frost feud puts Atomic Kitten reunion in jeopardy

A FEUD between former Atomic Kitten members Kerry Katona and Jenny Frost is reportedly preventing the band from being 'whole again'.

It is reported by The Sun that Frost is refusing to take part in the reunion if Katona plays any role.

Frost joined the group in 2001 as a replacement for Katona after she left the group after falling pregnant with her first child.

She left the group just as they had their major break through hit, ‘whole again’. The video for the single was re-shot to include Frost and remove Katona, due to the success of the single.

Another member of the group, Natasha Hamilton, has previously said that she is keen for Katona to play some role in any reunion plans. Frost is said to be furious that the reunion seems to be all about Katona.

Rumours abounded earlier this year a reunited Atomic Kitten would be the UK’s Eurovision entry, however the BBC unveiled crooner Engelbert Humperdinck to be their choice.

It is now believed a reunited band could play a role in the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, as well as performing in a reunion tour.