Friday 22 November 2019

Kate Nash's music education tour

Kate Nash launches the British Music Experience on Tour
Kate Nash launches the British Music Experience on Tour

Kate Nash has revealed she thinks writing and recording music should be taught more in schools.

The 23-year-old Foundations singer helped to launch the British Music Experience on Tour, presented by The Co-operative, a nationwide programme to inspire young people through music, and revealed she is making her own tour of schools to encourage music education.

Kate said: "I'm interested in going into the school and seeing what kind of programmes they have there, what kind of instruments they have there, what facilities and what their teachers are like.

"I know I never knew and was never educated about recording ever, until I was 16, or I was very poorly. We didn't have a studio or anything.

"So I think sometimes it seems like it's not accessible, it seems like it's on another planet, like it's far away and it's not very easy to do and very easy to get involved with, so just letting people know that and maybe kids coming on the bus and going upstairs and playing around and thinking 'I could do this' is just a really positive thing."

The British Music Experience tour bus is visiting schools around the UK and has interactive instruments and recording equipment on board.

Kate said: "The idea is to bring a bit of music education to kids in schools across the UK.

I'm doing a project myself with some schools on my next UK tour. I think music in education is super important. I personally believe music can change and save lives.

"I think it can bring kids self confidence, when you're figuring out who you are, and music helps you feel good about yourself."

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