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Josh of all trades

Joshua Michael Homme III doesn't work within musical genres – he invents them. Desert rock, stoner rock, neo-psychedelia and alternative metal are just some of the labels applied to his stunning creations, and Queens of the Stone Age are only just a small part of the picture.


Homme formed Kyuss in 1987 with singer John Garcia and soon recruited the scary-looking Nick Oliveri, later to become a member of QOTSA. The stoner rock pioneers produced five studio albums.

Essential track Un Sandpiper


First things first, Eagles of Death Metal aren't actually a death metal band, but a result of a bit of banter between Homme and Jesse Hughes when they discussed what a cross between The Eagles and death metal would sound like. They've released three albums since 2004.

Essential track Don't Speak, which you might recognise from a Nike Soccer advert


Super group alert! "The next project that I'm trying to initiate involves me on drums, Josh Homme on guitar, and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) playing bass," Dave Grohl excitedly announced in 2009. "That's the next album. That wouldn't suck." We're still waiting on a follow up though.

Essential track No One Loves Me and Neither Do I


Seeing as for some mind-boggling reason Josh Homme still seems to have spare time on his hands, the prolific producer and songwriter also curates the Desert Sessions musical collective that includes in its membership PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and many other luminaries from the Palm Desert scene and beyond.

Essential track A version of I Want to Make it With Chu by QOTSA as performed live on Jools Holland featuring PJ Harvey

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