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'Jimmy's Winning Matches' singer Rory Gallagher reveals depression battle

HE brought joy to hundreds of thousands of GAA fans this year with his hit Donegal anthem 'Jimmy's Winning Matches' but the man behind the hit has revealed he has battled depression.

Rory Gallagher's ode to Jim McGuinness and his team, strummed out on a beach in Lanzarote, has been seen more than 750,000 times on YouTube.

And that doesn't include hundreds of thousands more views on the studio version of the hit song – or those of Donegal captain Michael Murphy singing it again when he lifted the Sam Maguire.

But Gallagher, from Kilcar in Co Donegal, has admitted he had a breakdown after the break-up of his band The Revs.

He says he turned to drink and drugs and even stayed in bed for three weeks.

"It was the most frightening time of my life," said Rory.

He plays Worksman on the Quays in Dublin tonight.