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Jimi Goodwin: Doves could return


Jimi Goodwin is releasing new music

Jimi Goodwin is releasing new music

Jimi Goodwin is releasing new music

Jimi Goodwin has said he hasn't ruled out a new Doves record.

The singer, who formed the indie band in 1998 with brothers Jez and Andy Williams, is finally going it alone.

He said of their decision to take a hiatus: "It's hard getting new shapes out of people you've known for so long and so well.

"You have to feel like you're going to new places - not completely new, because in 21st century music that's impossible - but new places as a band. You have to transcend your influences.

"And them getting new things out of me, and me getting new things out of them took time."

But he added: "There's every chance there'll be another Doves record, I just don't know when."

Jimi's solo songs include Didsbury Girl, Keep My Soul In Song, Ghost Of The Empties - his ode to the abandoned buildings in the Ancoats area of Manchester - and Oh! Whiskey, which is autobiographical and a warning to himself about the dangers of drinking.

"I have to mind my manners with it, or I did do for a while. Let's just say that. I had to stop and take stock," the singer said.

"It's always hard, and I think I got too comfortable in my use of alcohol. It seems all right when you're on tour, but for a while I brought that back into my normal life. It's a precautionary song, about mood-altering substances in general; how you don't have to have a drink to be creative.

"The thing that you think is your crutch is actually a shackle. Like if you're in the studio and you can't do a vocal without half a bottle of wine beforehand, something is up."

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:: Jimi Goodwin's album Odludek is out now. He begins a UK tour on May 2.

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