Sunday 25 August 2019

iTunes is no more - so what happens my music now?

The iTunes program icon on a desktop.
The iTunes program icon on a desktop.

Ed Power

iTunes is to be shuttered with the next Apple software update.

From that point, the service will be split into three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. This will all come to pass via the next version of its Apple Mac operating system, coming later in 2019.

That won’t be too shocking to users of iPads and iPhones where music and podcasts have already been shunted into their own apps. But what about all those songs you purchased and downloaded over the years? Don’t fret — you’ll still be able to listen to your collection.

That’s because Apple isn’t phasing out music downloads. You will still be able to purchase music via Apple Music — and all of the songs you already own will be there, waiting for you to crank up the volume.

And if you used iTunes to listen to podcasts, now all you have to do is download the Apple Podcast App, where your favourite ’casts can be streamed or downloaded. So the sky hasn’t fallen in — it’s just had a radical software upgrade.

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