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It's playback time for U2 and party time for Beyonce. But as for Moz...

What was the first thing U2 did last week when they came off stage after their set at the Glastonbury Music Festival ?

Well, they watched it all again.

I can reveal that Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry piled into a nearby Outside Broadcast truck for an immediate playback of their own two-hour performance.

"I suppose they were just as curious as everyone else to see how it went," Declan Lowney, who directed the landmark performance, told me this week.

The former Father Ted director found himself calling the shots for US r'n'b diva Beyoncé the following Sunday night, as she provided the festival's flamboyant finale.

For his trouble, the Wexford man received an invitation from the Bootylicious singer to attend a private bash in London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on Monday night, at which she performed a 40-minute set for guests, including husband Jay-Z, Tinie Tempah and Cockney singer Adele.

Reporting from the quagmire of mud that was Glastonbury last weekend was without doubt one of my worst journalistic experiences yet.

But my whingeing was far outdone by U2's support on Friday night, ex-Smiths singer Morrissey, who described Glastonbury 2011 to music website Pitchfork as "a miserable scene in which the audience were soaked and covered in mud, and it was dark and dismal and every time I opened my mouth I swallowed rain."

(The audience had been) "there for U2, understandably" and the band had "an enormous Star Wars set with drumsticks that could light up northern Africa, and a sound system that would drown out an earthquake.

"I can't compete with that. Not with my post office savings account."

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