Monday 16 December 2019

'It's not female-friendly' - Nicki Minaj says hip-hop is a boys club

Nicki Minaj has warned the hip-hop business isn't
Nicki Minaj has warned the hip-hop business isn't "female-friendly".

Nicki Minaj has warned the hip-hop business isn't "female-friendly".

The 31-year-old rapper's new track Pills N Potions was released this week and was taken from her upcoming record The Pinkprint. It's her third album and now she's achieved a certain level of longevity in the business Nicki feels comfortable discussing her experiences in it.

"I can't really speak for anybody's grind or how pop culture receives people," she told Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club radio show . "I'm not surprised [there aren't more female rappers] because even when I was grinding and putting out tapes and stuff like that, it was hard for me. It takes a lot of work. It doesn't just happen overnight. It's not a female-friendly business. Hip-hop is not female friendly at all."

Despite this, the star hopes things are changing and claims that is in no small part due to her. She believes her success story will have inspired other women who previously thought the rap game was closed to them.

Nicki Minaj has warned the hip-hop business isn't "female-friendly".

Minaj hopes her success inspires other women

“I feel like I have opened the door for that in the industry,” she said. “I think that there are women who do their thing and for whatever reason, they don’t get the recognition.”

Nicki also opened up about Pills N Potions, which is seemingly about someone who has wronged her. In life, the star insists she tries to be fair but won't let people get away with whatever they want.

"I've come across a lot of people who I've given amazing opportunities to, who continue to bite the hand that fed them, and I always give people enough rope to hang themselves with," she explained. "In general, I think in life, I try to be super fair to everyone so when you cross me it's just like, 'Really? Hmmm... OK.' It is what it is. I still love."

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