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Sunday 8 December 2019

Irish Defense Forces get the thumbs up from Pharrell

Pilot Captain Seán McCarthy and Pharrell Williams Credit: Facebook
Pilot Captain Seán McCarthy and Pharrell Williams Credit: Facebook
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Members of the Irish Air Corps had a very rewarding day when their hard work was congratulated on by a global superstar.

After transferring a patient from Dublin-based Casement Aerodrome to Birmingham for life saving treatment, former N.E.R.D singer Pharrell Williams applauded the team for a job well done.

The now solo artist happened to be in Birmingham Airport at the time the patient was being transferred into NHS care and approached the uniformed team to give his well wishes.

The Irish Defense Forces posted the following on their Facebook page: “This morning an Air Corps AW139 successfully transferred a patient from Casement Aerodrome to, making the cross channel journey in a little over an hour, utilising the Lifeport stretcher system for oxygen and electrical supply to ensure full medical care in transit.”

“Pharrell actually approached us when he saw the uniforms and the equipment moving through the airport. He was very modest and thanked us for a job well done.  He said he was travelling onto Geneva for the next part of his tour and when he was leaving said 'keeping saving those lives!"

Pilot Captain Seán McCarthy (pictured) from Carlow was modest himself after his famous encounter with the 41-year-old rapper, saying "We're just delighted the patient got there safely.”

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