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"I was obsessed with 'Slave For You'" - Miley Cyrus credits Britney Spears with her dancing skills

Miley Cyrus was “obsessed” with Britney Spears in her youth.

The 20-year-old Wrecking Ball singer looked to the pop songstress as an icon when she was a little girl.

And Miley credits Britney with teaching her how to dance.

“I was obsessed with her Slave For You video,” she revealed to host Alan Carr on British TV show Chatty Man.

“That was the first head shake I got from my dad when the video came out, as I tried to re-enact the whole film.

“Britney once performed across the street from my dad’s apartment in Canada – but there was no way I was going at that point as I was always trying to re-enact everything she did.”

Miley’s MTV Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke last month, during which she stripped to flesh-toned underwear and showed off her “twerking” skills, has generated media coverage worldwide.

When Britney kissed Madonna at the VMAs in 2003 she received similar attention, and Miley doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with getting a little wild onstage.

“I thought the spirit of the VMAs was missing. It was supposed to be about celebrating your video,” Miley explained.

“You knew Robin Thicke and I were not going to do the Hokey Pokey. It was supposed to be a silly night.

“I think me using the foam finger took things to another level. I don’t think the maker of the sponge finger is very happy with me.”

Miley thinks controversy is a good thing and she is happy that her VMA performance is being discussed so often.

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“I didn’t think about the reaction until the next morning when I realised the whole world was going crazy,” she explained.

“But I’m not surprised by anybody’s reaction any more as I’m never going to get it right no matter what I do. I say, ‘Keep people talking’.

“Lady Gaga came out in a thong and she didn’t get any stick.”

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