Monday 22 July 2019

'I was Dad dancing on the spot' - Ryan Tubridy says he can 'die happy' now that he's seen his idol

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy
Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy

RTE TV and radio host Ryan Tubridy says he “can die happy”, musically speaking, now that he has seen his idol Paul McCartney perform for the eighth time.

Tubridy, who returns to the hot seat as Late Late Show host this month, flew out to Liverpool during his recent holidays to see the former Beatle perform.

Writing for today, Tubridy says he got to stood “four or five rows away” from McCartney at the gig in the famous Cavern club, where the Beatles performed before they reached a global audience.

“We made our way down to The Cavern club - my heart was pumping. It was one of those hot summer's days we've been having, and Liverpool was buzzing, the crowds outside were getting three-deep with the thought that one of The Beatles was in his hometown, in the club where it all started...”

“And we went down the steps, into the basement, and saw this tiny stage set up - there were only 250 of us. And I've got the bit of height, blessed be the beanpole, so I went round the back and took a position that was facing the man himself, about four or five rows away - that's how close I was,” Tubridy wrote.

Amongst the small crowd of 250 fans, Tubridy joked that “the shirt was stuck to me, because I was hopping up and down, Dad dancing on the spot”.

“There wasn't much room, but I was doing enough to break a significant sweat,” he said.

Tubridy, who says he has been a Beatle fan since he was a teenager when he discovered his brother’s vinyl collection, says he’s brought his daughter to see McCartney in the past.

“I brought my daughter to see McCartney, because I said you need to see Mozart, you need to be able to tell your children and grandchildren, when you talk about The Beatles the way we talk about the greats, that your father brought you to see one of The Beatles sing Eleanor Rigby, and I'm glad we did that.”

“As for me? I'm good now. Musically, I can die happy,” he said.

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