Saturday 23 February 2019

'I tried to play it cool and just pull him a good Guinness' - Watch Liam Gallagher join a trad session in an Irish pub

Liam Gallagher in McKibbin's Irish Pub
Liam Gallagher in McKibbin's Irish Pub

Mark McConville

A stunned barman admits he "tried to play it cool" when legendary singer Liam Gallagher walked into his workplace and started playing trad music.

The staff and punters at McKibbin's Irish pub in Montreal couldn't believe it when the former Oasis frontman called in for a pint of Guinness on Sunday.

Barman Ben Cardilli told that he was trying not to show how excited he was.

He said: "Right when he walked in it was pretty surreal. I tried to play it cool and just pull him a good Guinness, get the soccer game on for him.

"I tried to make him comfortable and not let on like I was going to fan girl out on him, but once he was recognised by others he was more than keen to talk and share stories.

"Then, when the jam started he went right up to listen to the musicians, as soon as they recognised him they coaxed him up. He had a lot of fun I think. It was quiet and perfect."

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McKibbin's said in a statement that it was fantastic to host their A-list guest.

He said: "He just came in and sat down it was not planned at all.

"When he was recognised, he said he wanted to get out of his hotel room.

"A fantastic day for the pub."

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