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Grimshaw takes Breakfast Show reins


Nick Grimshaw has taken over as host of Radio 1's breakfast show

Nick Grimshaw has taken over as host of Radio 1's breakfast show

Nick Grimshaw has taken over as host of Radio 1's breakfast show

A "nervous and excited" Nick Grimshaw has taken over Radio 1's Breakfast Show.

The 28-year-old DJ, who replaced Chris Moyles after the end of his eight-and-a-half year stint, welcomed listeners to a "brand new Breakfast Show" and predicted he would last in the job "just until the country uprises and I get thrown back to the night-time".

Grimmy said he was "nervous and excited" but "desperate to get on with it" and kicked off his first show by playing Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West.

He said there was no "message" behind his choice of first track apart from wanting to play "big pop songs which are good".

He played a radio edit of the famously foul-mouthed track and joked if he had played the full version it would have been "the world's shortest stint on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - three-and-a-half minutes".

Nick, who admits he struggles with early mornings, said he set two alarms to make sure he got up and told listeners that "I've literally wanted to do this job since I was 10 or 11".

He said he knew his father was proud of him for getting the job "because my mum said 'he's gone for a walk'," and revealed he had messages of support from stars including David Beckham and James Corden.

The show featured phone interviews with Doctor Who star Matt Smith and One Direction's Harry Styles - the first of five daily interviews with members of the boyband. There was also a pre-recorded interview with Justin Bieber.

Grimmy betrayed a few signs of nervousness, bringing in a track too early and accidentally talking over the news. He revealed Moyles had sent a good luck card and a box of cakes and there was also a visit to the studio from "a gaggle" of Radio 1 DJs including Scott Mills and Fearne Cotton.

Speaking to Radio 1's Newsbeat after the show, he said: "It feels weird, I feel a relief now, the first day is done and it was the first show. Obviously a lot of people were waiting to hear it and there was a lot of anticipation of what the show would sound like, so yes it's good to get the first one done. Today I guess was a lot like an introduction and repeating myself, saying my name a lot. Tomorrow I can do a more regular show and tell a few more stories."

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