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Garth Brooks: ‘Losing Croke Park gigs was like a member of my family dying’


Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks has revealed he's still mourning the Croke Park concerts and compared the cancellation of the five gigs to losing a member of his family.

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but my wife would sit here and tell you, ‘I’ve never seen him ache like that for anything other than loss of family.’ I mourned that and I still am, to tell the truth. Hurts like hell.”

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Brooks was reported to have tears in his eyes when he was talking about the concerts  and shook his head when asked about Croke Park, indicating that he couldn’t reveal the real story as to why the concerts were cancelled.

Brooks was scheduled to play five consecutive sold out dates at Croke Park. However, following complaints from residents, Dublin City Council ruled that the country star could only play three concerts.

The saga became an all all-or-nothing stand-off that reached the Taoiseach’s office and made international headlines. In the end, Brooks pulled out of the concerts, leaving 400,000 fans disappointed.

However, the singer revealed that Ireland was still one of his favourite places to play.

“It was always the place where you couldn’t start a song, two words and it’s gone, they’re taking over. That’s the way music should be. When you hear them singing your stuff in Croke Park, it’s like heaven.”

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