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From singing in taxis to Texas - Meet David Keenan, the Irish singer/songwriter tipped for success


David Keenan

David Keenan

David Keenan

Since a video of him singing in a taxi garnered national attention, singer/songwriter David Keenan has his sights fixed on an international career.

Earlier this year, Dundalk cabbie ‘Maxi Taxi’ uploaded a video of David performing in the front seat of his car.

Half the country thinks they can belt out a tune once they’ve had a few drinks, but this video showed a young singer with raw, genuine talent. As a result, the clip was picked up by media outlets and has since amassed almost 40,000 views online.

“I was just finished a local gig and had my guitar with me when I called Maxi,” David told Independent.ie. “He asked me to play a song so I chose ‘El Paso’ because it’s named after a local town in Louth.”

“I've been playing the guitar since I was 12, and I wrote the song at age15 so me and my mates could sing it at underage gigs,” David revealed.

Since the video circulated online, there has been an incredible reaction - with music fans all over the world sitting up and taking notice of Keenan.



Inhabitants of El Paso, Texas, were also captivated by the singer’s voice, which he says is influenced by a diverse range of artists from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to Luke Kelly and The Beatles.

“There's a big Irish influence in my sound and writing,” Keenan added. “There's that storytelling ability in us all. I'm an old soul and really relate to people like Brendan Behan and the Furey Brothers.”

A Texan-based music blogger got in touch, introducing Keenan to a new community of musicians and industry insiders based in America.

“They're trying to organise some gigs for me over there. ‘El Paso’ has also just been accepted for the soundtrack of a film about Frank and Jesse James coming out next year, the director Frank Powers got in touch with me, it's all surreal,” Keenan states.



Ultimately, the Louth VEC student hopes his guitar will take him to the States and beyond.

“You can’t beat the education you get on the road,” he said. “I want to have a body of work to look back on and listen to in 20 years with the same enjoyment I have for it now and to stay true to it.”

“I just want to keep writing and recording these songs. I'm just the groundskeeper trimming the hedges and pulling weeds - all I can do is nurture the music in me and let it take me where it wants to go,” the bright-eyed performer concluded.

Watch the video for David Keenan’s newest track, The Friary, below.

(Directed by Ciaran Dooley)

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