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Fallen Madonna 'fine' after tumble


Madonna stumbles as her cape is pulled during the Brit Awards

Madonna stumbles as her cape is pulled during the Brit Awards

Madonna stumbles as her cape is pulled during the Brit Awards

Madonna has said she is "fine" after a wardrobe malfunction made her fall backwards off the stage at the Brit Awards.

The star's red and black cloak was "too tight" and made her fall over, she told her three million followers on Instagram.

Alongside a picture of the cloak that caused the embarrassing slip-up, Madonna wrote: "Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight!

"But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine! livingforlove."

The Queen of Pop was closing the Brit Awards ceremony when the gaffe took place.

When her backing dancers tried to pull off her cloak, the artist was dragged backwards before falling to the floor with a bang.

The dancers, who were dressed as demons, looked on in shock before Madonna got back up and went on with the show.

Fans took to Twitter to show their support after Madonna's humiliating fall.

User Louise Houghton wrote: "Big respect to Madonna BRITAwards for carrying on so professionally & giving an awesome performance. Please don't slate her."

Melanie Redmond tweeted: "Oh my god. Madonna. That fall. I feel so bad for you but you did sing about stumbling. And you really did more than that, you crash landed."

Another wrote: "I'm sweating with anxiety for the cape puller who will perish in the flames tonight."

Event hosts Ant and Dec later joked on Twitter: "Ta for all your lovely messages, we really enjoyed it. We're stuck in A&E with @Madonna. Still an hour wait ... "

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Other stars tweeted their support for the fallen star, with BBC DJ Sara Cox saying: "Madonna was nearly a magonna. What a trouper."

And Katie Hopkins said: "Madonna. it's OK. I don't think anyone saw. And if no-one saw, it totally never happened. That's the rule."

But others were keen to mock, including Piers Morgan, who tweeted a link to a video of the fall and said: "Still laughing. (nearly 2hrs later)."

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