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Ex Vodkopter flies solo

Dubliner Gavin Redmond is a multi-instrumentalist who records under the Twin Terrace moniker. He used to be part of a going-nowhere post-rock band called Vodkopter, but now, after a fruitful period living in Vancouver, he's back and on much surer ground thanks to going it alone.

Plural is an assured, highly promising debut that finds Redmond mining an appealing brand of ethereal indie. At its most avant-garde, his dreamy, textured compositions are redolent of Flying Lotus, with Redmond's delicate croon recalling Thom Yorke.

There are even grandiose moments where Redmond channels the widescreen spirit of Arcade Fire.

Although Plural runs out of steam well before the end, there's plenty here to suggest that Gavin Redmond is a name to remember.

Thin Air is a meticulously arranged song that suggests Redmond knows his way around a mixing desk, while the single, You Keep Coming Back, is a super-smart tune that rewards repeated listens.

The latter song -- and a comparatively slight number, To Belong -- are available for free download on Bandcamp.

Key tracks You Keep Coming Back

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