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'Even people who are threatening to burn the hotel down deserve replies'

A DUBLIN hotel is attracting the ire of Garth Brooks fans everywhere after giving them false hope that the Croke Park concerts were up and running again.

The Charleville Lodge Hotel, Phibsboro, has apologised to fans for the mix-up – but the hotel has been receiving hate mail from Brooks fans everywhere.

On Monday, the hotel told Facebook followers that they had “received information from a very reliable source that all five concerts will go ahead on five nights”.

The post was shared on Facebook by thousands of fans and sparked a great deal of excitement.

An hour after their original post, the hotel issued another statement on their Facebook page: “It has not yet been announced publicly but we can confirm for definite that all 5 concerts will definitely go ahead.”

This was swiftly followed by: “Brooks is back!!!”

Facebook comments were full of praise for the hotel for revealing the “truth” on the story.

But two hours later, the hotel’s Facebook status changed to “Oops”.

Garth Brooks would not be playing Croke Park after all.

After posting their status update, thousands of people left comments, some criticising the hotel for posting wrong information and getting the hopes up of people across the country.

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The hotel apologised again – before urging users to “include the hashtag #oops in their abuse from now on and we might get this trending? Thanks guys and sorry again for our cock up earlier”

The hotel's manager spoke to Liveline on RTE Radio One this afternoon, and said their source has been given out to.

“He’s endured a massive slap on the wrists today. I’m not going to name and shame it’s all good.

“We did put our hands up and say it was our mistake and we did make a formal apology on our page

“You have to take a lighthearted approach to this. A lot of hotels would have buried their head and issued a formal statement with their Is dotted and Ts crossed."

The page has continued to engage with angry Brooks fans:

“Even people who are threatening to burn the hotel down deserve replies

“We told people going to TripAdvisor to write disparaging reviews without ever stepping foot in the hotel to get a life."

After the mix up, They then changed their cover photo to this image:

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