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Ella Eyre says touring will help her overcome her grief after her father’s death

Eyre’s father died in 2017.


Ella Eyre (Lia Toby/PA)

Ella Eyre (Lia Toby/PA)

Ella Eyre (Lia Toby/PA)

Ella Eyre has said that she expects her upcoming tour to help her overcome grief following the death of her father.

The Waiting All Night singer told the PA news agency at the Global Awards that she “just needed to go away” after her father died in 2017 but is now ready to perform live in front of fans.

Her upcoming tour will “100%” help with her grieving process, she said, adding: “Obviously my dad passed away so I took some time to regroup and recover from that and make sure that I was looking after myself and I wanted to make sure that when I came back I was ready.

“I’m ready now.”

Eyre added that she is “really excited” to play new music, as well as some of her older hits.

The Global Awards 2020 with Very.co.uk – Arrivals – London
Eyre will be touring for the first time since 2015 (Lia Toby/PA)

“Performing live is actually my favourite part of the job so I knew that was always going to be part of the goal to get back into it,” she said.

“I wanted to make sure that when I’m back on the road I’m playing new music and it’s a refreshing experience for anyone that has waited.”

She added that she hopes to bring “lots of energy” to her shows, which will take place later this year.

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