Friday 22 November 2019

Eavis got death threats over Kanye

Emily Eavis said it was exciting to book the world's biggest star
Emily Eavis said it was exciting to book the world's biggest star

Glastonbury's Emily Eavis has revealed she received death threats after booking Kanye West as headliner for this year's event.

An online petition attracted more than 133,000 signatures, calling for the rapper to be taken off the bill.

"It was not a pleasant world we unwrapped," Ms Eavis, who organises the line-up with her father, Glastonbury founder Michael, told The Times.

"I had death threats and stuff. It was just horrible. It was just crazy.

"It was getting out of control. We had Time magazine, all the American news channels saying they were going to come down. This incredible onslaught worldwide.

"It was quite upsetting because we were talking about something that was so exciting and interesting and fresh and brilliant for the festival.

"Kanye West is making the most exciting music at the moment. He is an amazing force as a performer. For us, getting the biggest star in the world was an amazing coup."

West follows in the footsteps of fellow hip-hop superstar Jay Z, whose Saturday night slot in 2008 caused huge controversy before it was deemed a big success.

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