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Monday 9 December 2019

Early U2 photos showcased in Dublin

An exhibition of early U2 photos has gone on display in Dublin
An exhibition of early U2 photos has gone on display in Dublin

An exhibition of photographs documenting U2 as they started out has opened in Dublin.

The pictures by photographer Patrick Brocklebank capture the teenage Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen in gigs in the smoky pubs and clubs of 1970s Dublin. Many of the shots have never been seen before.

Brocklebank recalled that at the time he thought U2 might just be the one local act to reach the big time - not because they sounded better than their rivals, but because they were harder-working.

"I actually preferred a few of the other Dublin bands at the time, the Virgin Prunes and the Blades," Brocklebank said. "But the U2 people really stood out because they were organised. They knew what they wanted to achieve, even then."

"And of course Bono was never meek or mild. He was the ideal frontman," he said. "Sometimes in the pub after a gig, you would hear Bono before you saw him. He always had a forceful personality that set him apart from the crowd."

U2 manager Paul McGuinness launched the exhibition on Thursday night at The Little Museum of Dublin, a townhouse whose walls are filled, floor to ceiling, with eclectic memorabilia of Ireland's turbulent 20th century.

The 32-photo show will be on display until September 2, and Brocklebank is also selling original prints of 10 images through the museum's website.

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