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Domingo: Ban music pirates from internet

The tenor Plácido Domingo has called for "young people" who download pirated music to be stopped from using the internet.

The opera singer said that "many young people accept piracy" and need to be "advised" not to take part in it.

He was speaking at a conference in London called to announce his chairmanship of the IFPI, which represents the record labels. Mr Domingo did not expand on how he saw such a system working.

Mr Domingo said he wanted to protect "everyone involved in recording music" and that global piracy of music was threatening the livelihoods of "not only the artists but also the engineers, the producers and everyone else". He said: "I cannot understand why piracy is allowed to happen."

Mr Domingo said he had seen a gradual decline in the music industry in his 50-year career. He said that "little by little, we will lose companies. The world of records is disappearing."