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Monday 23 October 2017

Dizzee on 'selling-out' his music

Dizzee Rascal has hit out at his critics
Dizzee Rascal has hit out at his critics

Dizzee Rascal has hit out at critics who think he has sold out by making his music too mainstream.

The grime rapper - whose latest No 1 hit is Dirtee Disco - defended his decision to make people happy with mainstream pop music.

Dizzee, 26, told the Daily Star: "People say I'm selling out but it doesn't get to me any more. It depends on what people mean by selling out, and who's saying it. Some people think it's morally wrong of me to not 'keep it real' but a lot of the time this is coming from drug dealers and robbers."

He went on: "Does keeping it real mean I have to stay underground, playing s*** raves and chasing promoters for my money, when I can do a big pop show where they like me, look after me and pay me well?"

He added: "Some people think they've got ownership on me when they've never met me. My only job is to deliver what I think is inspiring and makes them move.

"While I'm so commercial, there's no point trying to prove how hard or underground I am. I might as well just keep it rolling.

"I know how to make edgy music, I enjoy that, but I'm going with what feels natural at this point.

"It's spreading joy. Everyone's in a good mood."

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