Sunday 26 January 2020

District3: We have a lot to give

District3 said they have worked with some great people on their EP
District3 said they have worked with some great people on their EP

District3 have revealed their fans might have a hand in picking the first single from their record.

The former X Factor finalists are getting ready for a tour and have been working on their debut EP, but have yet to select the first single.

Asked what the song might be, band member Dan Ferrari-Lane suggested they might wait and see which one their audiences like most when they are on the road.

He said: "We might see what gets the best reaction when play live and decide then. We have a few to choose from."

Bandmate Greg West added: "We might write a new song to release as a single after the EP, we're not sure."

The pair, who are in the band with Micky Parsons, said they have thoroughly enjoyed working on their music.

"We wrote most of the EP ourselves and with co-writers, but it was all in the UK. We were going to go to the US, but we're going to save that for another time," said Greg. "We are working with an American producer called Brian Kennedy, who has worked with Chris Brown and Rihanna. We've worked with some really great people."

They also insisted they always thought of The X Factor as being the start of their career, despite not winning the ITV show.

Greg said: "By no means did we think that was going to be the end for us. It was always the beginning - it was a great platform and we performed in front of millions of people. We also played the X Factor tour to thousands of people, so we loved everything about that. It was great to get into some songwriting, though, and we have a lot more to give."

:: District3 begin a tour of the UK on May 24.

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