Saturday 7 December 2019

David Guetta confident in success

David Guetta says he now wants to make music 'without deadlines'
David Guetta says he now wants to make music 'without deadlines'

David Guetta has said he knew that his track When Love Takes Over would be a hit.

The French DJ enjoyed a breakthrough in 2009 when he teamed up with former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland to release the song.

"The first time I heard the track I immediately knew it would be a huge hit," he said.

The song, initially a Guetta instrumental until Kelly heard the track and pleaded to write and record a vocal over the top, went to number one all over Europe.

The 45-year-old DJ is set to release his new single Just One Last Time, on which he's joined forces with relatively unknown Swedish duo Taped Rai.

"It's always a bit hard to describe the secret ingredient that will actually make a track become a single," he said.

The DJ said he was taking a new approach to his work.

"From now on I'll make music without any deadlines, which I find very relaxing. I take much more pleasure that way. I'm really happy to work without any preconceived plan in my head.

"No demands, just me and my inspiration. No pressure."

:: David Guetta releases new single Just One Last Time feat Taped Rai on January 21. The album, Nothing But The Beat Ultimate, is out now.

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