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Daughter of Annie Lennox survives kayak accident: boyfriend still missing


Tali Lennox survived the accident

Tali Lennox survived the accident

Tali Lennox survived the accident

The daughter of singer Annie Lennox has survived a kayaking accident in the US, though her boyfriend is still missing.

Tali Lennox, 22, and photographer Ian Jones, 32, were kayaking on the Hudson River, north of New York, when their vessel capsized on Saturday morning.

It is understood they managed to cling onto the kayak and stay together for up to 20 minutes but were then separated by the current.

Miss Lennox, a model and artist, was rescued by a passing boat and a search was launched for Mr Jones.

Police said that the Hudson River has a very strong current and can be treacherous. They said the pair were not wearing life jackets.

The current is thought to have played a role in the kayak capsizing.

Emergency services received a 911 call reporting the incident at around 9.50am on Saturday morning and a major search was launched at the Hudson River near Mills Mansion in the Hamlet of Staatsburg.

Captain John Watterson, of Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, said: "Preliminary investigation has shown that a boyfriend/girlfriend couple went kayaking during the early morning hours, and at some point the kayak capsized and they both went into the water.

"The two eventually became separated and the female was located and picked up by a passing vessel, however the male is currently unaccounted for and was last seen in the river."

Marine patrols and dive teams from the sheriff's office were involved in the search along with a New York State Police helicopter and numerous officers on foot and in boats.

Miss Lennox also uses the surname Fruchtmann after her film-maker father Uri.

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