Monday 19 August 2019

Danny Jones: How I’ve dealt with anxiety in my music

He says writing about his experiences made him stronger.

Danny Jones at the Voice Kids 2019 photocall (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Danny Jones at the Voice Kids 2019 photocall (Isabel Infantes/PA)

By Sherna Noah, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Danny Jones says songwriting has been like “therapy” and “a weight off my shoulders”.

The Voice Kids coach and McFly singer and guitarist, 33, has dealt with his anxiety in his songwriting.

He told the Official Charts: Take The Hit podcast: “The solo stuff took a while. It’s been like therapy because growing up with whatever experiences you grow up with, it’s hard to write about it.

“It’s hard to go back and revisit it and understand why you’ve got anxiety, understand why you are who you are.

“I have more positives that I can pull (from it) than negatives. Yes I’ve had anxiety, yes I’ve been down about it…

“I’ve got some amazing tunes out of it. I feel self-helped, in a way, because of the situations I’ve written about and not realising I felt that way.

“It’s been these huge two years of becoming a man, I suppose. I’ve definitely become stronger just by writing about it.”

He said: “Mental health in music – or anywhere – needs to be talked about more….

“I tried everything I could to get myself out of it. I feel like when I spoke about it, it helped a lot.”

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