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Culture vulture: What not to miss this week


Chris Thile

Chris Thile

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Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn


Chris Thile

Whether you are staying in or going out, we pick the events not to miss this week.

Going out?

The shoegaze showdown


With their sad fringes and studied pouts, Ride were mopey even by the standards of '90s "shoegaze" rock. This was the scene that celebrated fuzzy guitars and vocals in the style of an elf that has received bad news. Guitarist Andy Bell later joined stadium-era Oasis - let's not hold it against him. Wednesday, Olympia, Dublin

The mandolin makeover

Chris Thile

Thanks to chart-topping toffs/harbingers of the pop apocalypse M**ford and Sons, the mandolin has received a bad rap lately. The instrument need not be a crime against music, as we are reminded by sometime Punch Brothers leader Thile. These are busy days for the Californian, who recently succeeded Garrison Keillor as host of A Prairie Home Companion. Tuesday, NCH, Dublin

Staying in?

The console carnival


Video gaming is the dominant entertainment medium of the age. At Dublin Gamercon, you can sample the latest smash titles or wend your way down memory lane in the "Retrozone". There's also a cosplay contest. Will anyone come dressed as Harley Quinn, you wonder? Saturday and Sunday, Convention Centre, Dublin

The book

How The Hell Did This Happen?

Satirist and life-long conservative PJ O'Rourke was shocked/terrified by the electoral triumph of tweeting tangerine Donald Trump. In a hilarious, if sometimes rambling, collection he tries to make sense of this seismic surprise.

The documentary

Crash and Burn

The incredible story of Tommy Byrne, the Drogheda racing driver tipped for Grand Prix greatness, comes to terrestrial TV. In the 80s Byrne was heralded as a future F1 champion. Yet events, and a destructive streak, conspired against him. Monday, 9pm, BBC One NI

The box set

12 Monkeys

Newly arrived on streaming services is this absorbing remake of Terry Gilliam's metaphysical romp. Aaron Stamford and Amanda Schull are time-travellers battling the mysterious Army of the 12 Monkeys. Available now on Netflix

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