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Crystal Swing turn down the opportunity to appear on X Factor

CRYSTAL Swing have revealed they turned down an opportunity to audition for the X Factor this year.

The band, made up of mother Mary Murray-Burke and children Derek and Dervla, shot to fame after their song ‘He drinks Tequila’ went viral.

Mother Mary told the Derek Mooney show that she was contacted by a producer of the X Factor begging the band to audition for the new series, after she saw their clip on YouTube.

However she said the band turned down the opportunity as she feared they were being set up to be mocked.

Mary said: “I know it’s terrible but it’s the fear of us being mocked as a family going up there.

“We got a bit of a hard time on Twitter and YouTube earlier on in our career. There were some nasty things said.”

Mary, who plays keyboards in the band, added that it was concern for her children which caused her to turn down the offer.

“I would brave it myself – but I thought of Derek and Dervla, they are both genuine people”, she said.

The band took the web by storm in 2010 when their video for ‘He drinks Tequila’ went viral.

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres was such a huge fan she flew the group over to LA to appear on her show, viewed daily by millions.

Although not as much in the public eye now, the band continue to tour successfully around the UK and Ireland, and have just released a new single.

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