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Critics' singing endorsement for Adele's new album


Adele is releasing her new album, 25, on Friday

Adele is releasing her new album, 25, on Friday

Adele is releasing her new album, 25, on Friday

Adele's long-awaited new album has met with high praise from critics ahead of its release.

The singer, 27, has revealed was so worried about living up to the success of 21 that she nearly quit music for good.

But reviews in many newspapers before her third album, 25, goes on sale on Friday, will be music to her ears, with several critics heralding it as the recording to "save the music industry".

Neil McCormick, writing in the Daily Telegraph, gave her effort five stars, adding: "25 is crammed top to bottom with perfectly formed songs - elegantly flowing melodies, direct and truthful lyrics and richly textured production - all sung as if her life depends on it."

Will Hodgkinson, for the Times, awarded her four stars but said there was "nothing" to equal hit song Someone Like You.

He said: "Adele has made an album that offers few surprises - she was never going to detour into heavy metal - but lots of big, emotional ballads. It speaks to the heart in a universal fashion and puts British op back at the heart of modern life, where it belongs."

The Sun's Dan Wootton was less enthusiastic, saying she did not "scale the epic heights" of 21.

But he said: "With the exception of a couple of duds, 25 is a collection of beautiful tracks that move her in a surprising but welcome direction."

And the New York Times' Jon Caramanica said: " 25 manages to sound all of a piece, even as the songs veer from phenomenal to tepid. In places, everything comes together."

The star is to appear on the upcoming programme Adele At The BBC, where she gives a candid interview to Graham Norton.

In it, she said: "I just got really worried that I was never going to make anything that anyone liked again. It was just being self-critical of myself, it was nothing else other than that.

"And also I started to wonder, maybe 21 being so successful is enough for everyone? But I realised it wasn't enough for me. So, sorry, I'll make your ears bleed again."

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Her Grammy and Brit Award-winning album 21 has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide since it came out in 2011.

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