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Craig David: Are you all still laughing?

It doesn't take a genius to note the correlation between Bo' Selecta!'s rubbery slur against Craig David and his continual battle to regain the credibility that he had when he debuted in 2000. Of course, other factors like his pseudo-playboy image, speculation about his relationships, losing out on a Brit Award and his dabblings in cheesy pop balladry have weighed in over the years - but not so heavily when you consider how R&B men like Daniel Bedingfield and Lemar have done the same thing, to less withering scorn.

Damage control came when the singer appeared on the show in 2003 for the last episode of Bo' Selecta! David relishes telling the story and his racy, occasionally staccato and nasally posh tone goes up a gear, as if he's been hoping to get it off his chest for a while.

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