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Coulter has vision of twins' triumph in Germany

EUROVISION-winning composer Phil Coulter has backed Jedward to win the contest.

The 69-year-old, who is responsible for a string of Eurovision hits, including 1967 UK winner 'Puppet On A String', believes that "Jedward's irresistible three minutes of madness" will triumph both in tonight's second semi-final and in Saturday night's final.

"We always sent good songs and good singers to Eurovision but those days are over," he said last night.

"The Eurovision has changed seismically in the last 10 years. It's not a song contest anymore, it's a production contest where the stage show and choreography is all factored in.

"Jedward have been routined into an inch of their life. This year's Irish Eurovision entry is smooth, all action and in your face. I think it's going to win."

Coulter, responsible for 1968 Eurovision runner-up 'Congratulations' by Cliff Richard, acknowledges that while John and Edward are no singers, their producers have cleverly allowed for that.


"If you watch Jedward's song you'll notice it's been constructed so there isn't a lot of singing going on. Any singing that has to be done, is done by the backing vocalists, not Jedward. But Eurovision has nothing to do with singing ability. Would I make an album with Jedward singing Burt Bacharach songs? No, I wouldn't," he added.

"I know the old Irish Eurovision guard are knocking Jedward, saying they are talentless but I don't agree. If it came to a singing contest between Johnny Logan and Jedward, the boys would lose. However that's not what it's about. Jedward are charismatic entertainers.

"This has been proven by what they have achieved after X Factor in the last 18 months . They have a momentum about them which could see Ireland win Eurovision again. Just don't expect me to be recording any orchestral version of 'Lipstick'," he joked.

Mr Coulter, who has enjoyed pop hits for over 40 years, recently enjoyed his first success of the new decade with 'Heritage', the soundtrack of his Celtic Thunder stage show which reached No 11 in the US billboard charts last month.

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