Saturday 23 March 2019

Cohen shows why he's still main man

Brendan Farrelly

WITHIN seconds of walking on stage last night, poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen was Dublin's man.

The Canadian folk rock singer, pictured left with his band, epitomised style and showmanship with a performance that electrified a packed house at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

And then there was the voice.

Looking relaxed and in control, his deep gravelly tone had lost nothing of its power to capture and then almost hypnotise.

He appeared promptly at 8pm, followed by three female backing singers, including his long-term collaborator Sharon Robinson, and a full six-piece band.

The crowd, including Gerry Adams, and many of them the wrong side of 50, were quick to respond to his easy manner.

Soon, old masterpieces, including 'There ain't no room for love', 'Bird on the wire' and 'In my secret life', were echoing across the air.

Other favourites were 'The Future' and 'Everybody knows' and, once again, Cohen proved his enduring appeal.

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