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Clarke: Country life not for me


Tom Clarke of The Enemy prefers city life

Tom Clarke of The Enemy prefers city life

Tom Clarke of The Enemy prefers city life

The Enemy frontman Tom Clarke has revealed he's giving up his country farmhouse because he misses the big smoke.

The singer-songwriter, whose band is back with third album Streets In The Sky, splashed out on a rural pad but has since realised he's a city boy at heart.

"I'm selling it. I grew up in Birmingham, a well-known city, then I moved to Coventry, another decent-sized city. At some point I decided to move to the country. I'd become reliant on hot water, the internet, and shops, yet for some reason I decided to buy a house in the middle of nowhere," he said.

"It's beautiful, I've watched rabbits being born, and red kites and buzzards flying, but I can't hack it. Ultimately, I just want a Greggs within walking distance so I can go and buy a sausage roll when I want one."

The group's new album comes after a three year hiatus - after almost five years of hectic performing and touring, the Coventry trio decided they had to take a break.

"We knew we didn't want to rush things," Tom said.

"And after such a busy time we really needed to stop and have a look where we were up to."

Tom believes it's the beginning of a new phase in the life of The Enemy.

"Well now I know how to make an album properly I just want to do it again," he added.

:: Streets In The Sky is out now.

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