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Cassidy and Bonaduce in reunion


David Cassidy has performed with Danny Bonaduce

David Cassidy has performed with Danny Bonaduce

David Cassidy has performed with Danny Bonaduce

David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce have staged a mini-Partridge Family reunion in Atlantic City when they played a song onstage together.

They said it was only the second time in 40 years they'd performed together.

Danny, a Philadelphia disc jockey, played David's younger brother on the '70s TV hit, but lip-synched and only pretended to play the bass guitar on the show.

On Saturday, after he did a stand-up comedy routine to open the show at Resorts Casino Hotel, Cassidy got him to play Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted.

Danny learned that song for real when they played it together last October in Philadelphia. "We did it five, six months ago," David said. "He learned it - and then he put the bass away and didn't touch it. I know him."

"That's not true," Danny insisted. "I just dusted it the other day."

The Partridge Family ran from 1970-74, and centred on a musical family led by veteran actress Shirley Jones and her children playing light, infectious, hook-laden pop.

Jones and Cassidy sang for real; the other actors on the show lip-synched and pretended to play instruments, including Susan Dey, who went on to star in the '80s legal drama LA Law, Suzanne Crough, and Jeremy Gelbwaks and Brian Forster, who split the role of the band's drummer.

Last year David dared Danny to learn the Partridge Family hits for real. "He knows I don't take dares lightly," Danny said.

Introducing the song, Danny asked the crowd: "You wanna see something nobody has ever seen before? Me, plugging in a bass guitar!"

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