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Cancer led to motherhood for Crow


Sheryl Crow is mum to two adopted sons

Sheryl Crow is mum to two adopted sons

Sheryl Crow is mum to two adopted sons

Sheryl Crow has told how having breast cancer and splitting from Lance Armstrong led to her adopting her children.

The US singer-songwriter was diagnosed with the illness in 2006, not long after she and the cyclist broke up following a long relationship, and said it was "a game changer".

Sheryl told the Daily Record that while she was waiting for treatment she went to stay with her sister in Nashville, Tennessee and decided to buy a farm there "to put down roots and restart my life".

The singer went on: "It was a little bit of a kneejerk reaction - I thought, 'OK, I'm newly single, I've just had breast cancer and I'm moving'. It was a little bit cuckoo crazy but, ultimately, it was the right decision.

"My perspective on everything changed. You grow up with this story of what your life will look like - you get married and have kids. I held on to that for a long time but once I got diagnosed, someone told me I was limiting the parameters of my life by putting that pressure on myself.

"Once I acknowledged that I was not going to get married and have kids in that order, all of a sudden the opportunity came about to adopt Wyatt and then Levi."

Sheryl, 51, said being a mum to Wyatt, six, and three-year-old Levi is the best thing she has ever done.

"Now I've found that motherhood has completely allowed me to let go,' she explained.

"Being a parent is the hardest job but also the most rewarding and satisfying."

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