Monday 9 December 2019

Bugg wants table tennis rematch

Jake Bugg is supporting Arcade Fire at London's Hyde Park
Jake Bugg is supporting Arcade Fire at London's Hyde Park

Jake Bugg has joked that he's mainly looking forward to supporting Arcade Fire because he wants to take on their frontman at table tennis.

The singer-songwriter confessed that although he isn't familiar with the band's music, he is familiar with frontman Win Butler's ping-pong skills after being beaten by him before, and wants a rematch when he supports Arcade Fire at Hyde Park tonight (July 3).

Asked if he was an Arcade Fire fan, Jake admitted: "I actually don't know any of their stuff. That's really bad, I should check it out.

"I met Win Butler at a festival recently, because he's really into his table tennis. He beat me, so I want a rematch. He really is good, and he's a big guy.

"I haven't got the gig in Hyde Park in mind, I'm just seeing it as a rematch."

Jake - who released second album Shangri La last year - said of Win's skills: "He just slogs it and I've got no chance. I need to adopt a new style if I'm going to beat him."

He continued: "It's a convenient game to play backstage, when you're waiting around. I played Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, he was pretty good. But I beat him. I played The Maccabees, they were geeks about it, really good players. But I beat them too. A lot of people play. I just got into it at school."

The 20-year-old supported the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park last year and said it was "cool".

"A bit strange, playing to 80,000 hardcore Rolling Stones fans, but it was an amazing opportunity," he said. "And this year, the same. I forget how nice a support slot can be sometimes - half an hour/45 minutes, and then you can crack a beer."

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