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Brightman planning space journey


Sarah Brightman has plans for space travel

Sarah Brightman has plans for space travel

Dan Hallman/Invision/AP

Sarah Brightman has plans for space travel

Sarah Brightman plans on becoming the first recording artist to venture into space en route to the International Space Station.

The classically trained singer-actress has revealed that she has wanted to explore the heavens since 1969 when she was a little girl sitting in front of the television during the historic Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

"I was very lucky and privileged to be living in that time to see that actually happen on a black-and-white TV screen and it changed many of us. I don't think there's been anything to date that was like that," she said.

Since then she's wanted to go into space, and has now set her sights on a trip to the ISS.

"It looks as if a special journey into space will be happening for me in a couple of years," said the singer.

She said her fascination follows a long history of artists inspired by space.

"You look at Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, even if there was nothing specific about space, the fact that it was called what it was and the feeling of the music was definitely inspired," said Sarah, 52. "David Bowie (too). It goes on and on."

She's gone through a battery of diagnostic tests to see if she's "space-worthy".

"I went to Star City in Russia and did a series of psychological tests, physical tests. I was monitored when I was put into a centrifuge taken up to weight G, which I loved and felt very comfortable with. I passed through everything really, really well and as said by the Russian Space Federation, I am officially a cosmonaut in training at this moment," she said.

Sarah's latest album Dreamcatcher was inspired by wanting to journey into space. "It's given me a beautiful theme to work with, a beautiful palate to work with and it's been an incredibly creative time," she said.

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