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Brian May’s charity calls for ‘immediate action’ on climate change at Cop26

The Queen guitarist founded the Save Me Trust in 2010.


Brian May (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Brian May (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Brian May (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Brian May’s animal welfare charity has called for “immediate action” against climate change from world leaders at the Cop26 environmental summit.

The organisation, the Save Me Trust, which was founded by the Queen guitarist, has released a six-minute animated campaign video which depicts the destruction of natural animal habitats.

Kangaroos, wolves, rhinos, bears, monkeys and whales are shown being displaced by human activity in the film, which was created by students from five continents with the help of director Matteo Valenti.

A statement from the Save Me Trust said our “precious planet” is facing “devastation”.

It added: “On a 24-hour clock, humans arrived here at just two seconds to midnight, yet we have unleashed immense damage and destruction on the natural world.

“Advancing our needs has pushed mother nature to the brink.”

It added: “World leaders are meeting at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (Cop26) and it is essential they take heed and take actions now.

“No ifs, no buts, we are at a tipping point that we cannot ignore!

“The world is watching Cop26 for immediate action and solutions today our Government must deliver.”


Brian May (Ian West/PA)

Brian May (Ian West/PA)

Brian May (Ian West/PA)

May, 74, founded the Save Me Trust in 2010 with environmental campaigner Anne Brummer.

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The organisation aims to give “wild animals a voice”, according to its website.

May has frequently campaigned on environmental and animal welfare issues including hedgehog conservation, the badger cull and fox hunting.

The Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow is bringing together world leaders to discuss commitments aimed at helping reduce climate change.

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